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Aug 8, 2010

"50 children from the burning Moscow are invited to Georgia" - Ana Rekhviashvili announces

International movement "Iverians - generation for the future of Georgia" announced that they are ready to bring about 50 children and young people to Georgia from the burning cities of Russia.

"When the memories of August 2008 tragedy reappear in the minds of many Georgians, many regions of Russian federation face the ecological catastrophe. The fire has burnt lots of populated districts, there are some victims. These facts do not leave the world neutral. We do think that Georgia has to express will to support thousands of people. Me, Ana Rekhviashvili, says the student of Moscow Diplomatic Academy, - who created these movement together with my friends and other like-minded people, will take the responsibility to bring a certain number of children and young people in Georgia, who extremely need moral support and help from us.We have to do that, and this will be a beginning of tomorrow's peaceful relations between the two countries".

source: http://ghn.ge/news-20249.html