I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. Winston Churchill

Aug 11, 2008

‘Russia Occupies Significant Part of Georgia’ – Saakashvili


Saakashvili said in a televised address:

• The army should struggle to the end;
• We will never surrender;
• Georgian forces are re-grouping;

Russia took over control of the major highway passing through Gori and “separated the country’s western part from the east,” President Saakashvili said at a session of National Security Council at 8:45pm on August 11.

It was earlier reported that the Russian forces were in control of Gori. The Russian Defense Ministry, however, has denied that its forces were in Gori, Interfax news agency report at 9:15pm.

Russian forces also advanced deep into the Georgian territory from breakaway Abkhazia as well, taking control of Senaki and are now moving further into east. “Situation is extremely grave,” Saakashvili said. “This is occupation attempt, attempt to totally occupy Georgia, attempt to destroy Georgia.”

“Russia’s goal is to put an end to existence of the Georgian state,” he added.

“We are receiving only moral and humanitarian help from the international community, but we need more than that. We want them to stop these barbaric aggressors.”

“Our armed forces will carry out regrouping and we will protect and continue fighting for our future… We will never surrender, we will never say no to freedom and our future; we will never kneel down.”

“Russia’s goal is to trigger panic and chaos and civil confrontation in Georgia... Do not let the enemy’s major goal be achieved. We should not allow chaos, political confrontation.”

He also called on the population to gather outside the Parliament at 3pm on August 12 “to show the enemy that we are united and strong.”


Anonymous said...

It's obvious that Saakashvili is Liar. Do not trust politicans and journalists. If you do want to know real facts then go to Ossetia and stop stop eating the shit from tv.

Ken said...


Half Georgia is not occupied. What happened in Gori was that a rumour went around that the Russians were on their way and the troops shit their loads and fled. The Georgians are now trying to save face by saying that the city is occupied when all reports indicate that it isn't.

The Senaki airbase which was occupied earlier today has now been abandoned by the Russians who have withdrawn out of Georgia into Abkhasia on that front.

Anonymous said...

The end is comming for Mr Saakashvili! Its time to commit suicide! Otherwise it would be hard to justify the sensless deths of hundreeds of poor georgian soldiers! Geordians! You should be happy to get rid of tis idiot who turned your country into war!
Russian friend of georgian people.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right, the entire Western World condemns Russia. I think the "saving face" issue looms larger for the Putin regime, which has lost all credibility after this agression.

Katiée.Ge said...

Dear Exile,

the fact that Russia today occupied GOri is proved by their websites. Though I would also prefer that this was just a rumour.

Let's everyone take care of our idiots.

Out idiot (even if he is) is not you business and you don't have to worry about that.

I also hope that all this at least serve as a sacrifice to whos the whole wirld the real face of Russia.

Anonymous said...

Russia won't stop until they reach the capital.

Anonymous said...

Hang on there, Georgians! We support you!

from Estonia

Anonymous said...

Dear Katiee! Everyone has seen the video how mr. saakashvili cowardly run from one single sound of fight to save his life! After that has this person the right to start war? To ruin Tshinvali? To send to death dosens of your tank crews, burned alive in their tanks by osetians? Why one third of your nation live not in georgia, but elswere (much of them I see everyday in the streets of Moscow)? Why then do you defend him? Im sorry, but you are a victim of your propoganda, payed by americans.
a citizen of USSR.

Anonymous said...

Recent events has finally proven several things to me. First is that UN is no longer an adequate or useful for the world. Not being able to express their opinion for so long and failing to do whatsoever, the security council is full of old, useless men, who care more about their lunch than the lives of poor people of South Osetia or Georgia. After Darfour, I hoped they learned valuable lesson, but unfortunately, they broke my hopes. Second truth I saw was that Saakashvilli is not a president, he is a lying, deceiving, monstrous pet-dog of Bush Government, who wouldn't stop before anything (even the murder of his own people), just to prove his loyalty to Mrs.Rice (and his utter stupidity to the adequate world). The amount of lies he told and promises he broke already disqualifies him as person and as a Man, he is definitely not a president, but rather a self-centered dictator with a severe case of schizophrenia. Poor citizens of Georgia are now thrown into the havoc, not knowing what is happening and being forced to mobilize and evacuate. The other thing I understood was that BBC, CNN and other mass media giants are not just bias, they are fully controlled by their governments and the information they give us is nothing but propaganda, aiming to deceive and create the false opinion. Shame on them and their journalists, who failed to provide world the true facts. My understanding of the actual events come from my phone calls to friends in the region and some independent sources such as nregion.com and similar websites.
The attack of the Georgian special forces was prepared by Saakashvili and U.S Government for a long time. The day - the beginning of Olympics was not coincidental. Mr.Putin is in Beijing and Mr.Medvedev is on vacation, this was supposed to gain Georgian army more time as the reaction will be delayed. Same night, just prior to the beginning of attack, many Georgian families were called and told by their recruitment authorities, that the mobilization is due, and the reason they gave was - The 8 days of compulsory training. All men from 18 to 40 had to be present in the recruitment centers before 10 a.m the morning the war began. This information I gathered from mothers of some boys, who had to abandon their summer practices in Universities.
Russian army did not launch any military response to the attack until several hours after Georgian forces were already rampaging in South Osetia, executing peaceful people in the villages and killing peace keepers. Russian government to the very last moment tried to reason with the moron Saakashvili, but their efforts were hopeless from the very beginning. The monster has made his move, starting ethnic cleansing ansd genocide (commanding to use Thor and Grad rocket artillery systems to destroy the civilian areas of Tschinvali and other villages killing close to 2000 civilians, definitely qualifies for the use of such terms)
Just the day before he swore that the negotiations will continue, but to such a person there is nothing sacred. Even the evacuation corridor the Georgian government promised for people of Tschinvali between 15:00 and 18:00 the same day, has turned out as a trap aimed to finish off any survivors.
The gap between the attack and military response from the Russian peace keepers force proves that all of Saakashvili's announcements are pure lies. The plan was quite well-thought of, but the monster made several mistakes in carrying it out. The blame, which is supposed to be put on Russia won't stick as after the realization of the FACTS I just exposed, even the U.S Government will have to admit that Russia is actually the only force, which helped and protected the people of South Osetia from complete elimination on their homeland. The question is how long will it take them and how many lives of innocent people of Georgia and South Osetia will be ruined, before the monster Saakashvili is stopped. And even after that what will be lost in this WAR is not only lives, but the fragile trust between Georgians and Osetians, which took Russia more than 15 years to built. Lets all pray the War ends soon and for you to never have to experience anything like this.

Anonymous said...

If one looks at the Russian situation, one response is clear: the immediate blockade of Cuba. As with the Cold War, one sees that the United States will not go to war directly with Russia over a satellite proxy. Therefore, as an appropriate response to the Russian attack on an ally of the United States in the Russian sphere of influence, it becomes essential that the United States re-exert its dominance over its own sphere.

A few weeks ago, you remember that Russia was going to resume the shipment of arms to Cuba, so it seems like an appropriate response to their aggression against Georgia. With Congress in recess and Bush not up for reelection, there is very little political fallout possible, and the gains of such an exertion on our own power should help to deter future incursions against the allies of the United States in the Russian sphere. (Note that an attack on the Ukraine may provoke a much larger war).

One has to wonder about the "why" of Russian aggression. Aside from being a complete affront to the world (i.e. Putin sitting at the opening ceremonies of the Olympics whilst Russian tanks rolled into Georgia), this may be an attempt to, first, intimidate western Europe into submitting to Russian economic dominance (i.e the trans-Ukrainian pipeline), or second, to create dissent in deeply divided nations, like the Ukraine into starting civil wars, allowing for Russian "peacekeepers" to extend their reach into Western Europe.

It remains essential that the United States take immediate action in its own sphere to combat the aggression against Georgia. Thus, the blockade of Cuba seems to be the most expedient way for the United States to express its disdain for the aggression of Russia.

Just a suggestion.

Katiée.Ge said...

Dearest ANDREW!!!

what do you want? Saakashvili to be standing unders the bombs without FEAR???
We NEED our PRESIDENT ALIVE!!! He does not have a right to DIE! We even demand from him to wear permanently the IRON HAT when walking in such dangerous places, as GORI (and almost all places of Georgia today)

Your Medvedev can walk under the bolmbin Planes without FEAR, we'll appresiate.

BUT I don't even want to argue with such a person as you.

Your last sentence about yourself - "citizen of USSR" already explaines everything.
You're still in those times, unfortunately, you can not realize that its already 21st centrury and those SWEET times of will never be back!

All the best to to in your sweet SOVIET COUNTRY, but LET US LIVE IN OURS!!!

alcinoe said...

Anyone live in Boston? I would like to organize a pro-Georgian demonstation in either Boston or Cambridge...Anyone care to help/make suggestions as to time and place?

Anonymous said...

My prayers go to the Georgian people. I hope the Russian Government comes to its senses. I wish I could do something more than wish from afar.

I fear that the faith in any kind of meaningful response (anything beyond words) out of the American Administration of George Bush is misplaced. It makes me ashamed to be an American.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kariee!
But to live comfortly in your country you shouldnt kill hundreeds of civilians in osetia - for what you should agree you are in total response - and everything will be ok. But you elected the military criminal, started the war, killed hudreed of osetian peaople, burned a city togather with a dosen of yuor own tanks - and now you want peace? no. now you will get the operation of capturing your criminal president, and that to my mind is very fair!

Anonymous said...

and more - if you dare to start war - take the responsibility but not write miserably like ""let us live"

Anonymous said...

This is all happening because Georgia always agrees to a pullout, ceasefire and peace. Georgia is always getting fooled. You should have stayed in SO no matter what. You should have laid waste to the entire territory and to all invaders.
Even now Saakashvili acts foolish. Instead of full mobilization, he calls a peace demonstration.

Anonymous said...

Alcinoe. And about demonstartion to support innocent Osetian children killed by Saakashvili bombings?

Katee. We - Russians and Georgians lived together long time before Bush and Saakashvili. Why should we stop living together now? Why Georgians can't have their business now in Russia?

BTW. Why did'nt you posted my recent comment? Still support democracy?

Anonymous said...

Moderator georgian sucker gay!!

Anonymous said...

This message comes from a long way away. I am sure that many people here are concerned for the people of Georgia and South Ossetia.

Our prayers are with you.

Let's hope and pray that with G-d's help the various "leaders" in the region come to their senses and resolve this conflict peacefully. No more innocent people should die. What a terrible juxtaposition to see the wonderful and heartwarming Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics and then to see such terrible pictures coming out of the Caucasus.

Wake up world "leaders" ! This is the year 2008. We are meant to be going somewhere.

Adam Neira

Anonymous said...

I want to answer Andrew, who subscribed as a citizen of the USSR. First of all,i want to tell you dear Andrew,that Georgian people are in such situation because we don't want to live in the USSR you like so much,we want our independent Georgia and this is the fact Russia can't believe and doesn't want to believe. As for Saakashvili running to save his life,believe me,he is brave enough not to be scared by the sound of bomb,it's a norman human reaction,i would like to see Putin or Medvedev in such situation. I don't defent Saakashvili, he has made lots of mistakes and it is georgian peoples' problem that we have such good or bad president. We at least elected him unlike russians,where people don't have the right to elect president,like last 2 of russian presidents.As for andrew's concern that he didn't like the comment"let us live", yes Andrew,let us live please,we haven't started the war,Russia started the war and we had to defent our territory,because South Osetia and Abkhasia are OUR part and not russian. And the fact that russian tanks entered almost the whole territory of Georgia is nothing but the action which a normal person can't even imagine in 21 th century.Russians only study princiles of international law in their universities but they forget to apply them in practise.

Katiée.Ge said...

I'm a human and I also need some sleep in this situation.
Sorry if I'm not staying awake to moderate and post your comments all the night!!!


Anonymous said...

Re. to the last post by anonymous:
No shit, man? Maybe? that's why you've increased the military budget by 30 times and accepted financial support provided by the USA? Such arguable peaceful intentions.


Anonymous said...

I want to answer Dmitri. Dmitry, we have increased our military budget just because we have such a neighbour like Russia,only because of this.

Anonymous said...

2 Nino:

And killed 1600 sleeping civilians (mostly citizens of RF, by the way) for the same reason?


Yuriy said...

What about that pro-Georgian demonstration in Boston? Anybody knows anything? I'd like to be there with a slogan "USA stop supporting killer Saakashvili". Without USA support, 1500 ossetins and russian and georgian soldiers would be alive.

Anonymous said...

However loudly the supporters of Saakashvilli cry, the fact is that he started this whole thing. This adventurism has cost Georgia deraly. Now he is presiding over a country minus two large provinces which he can sey good bye forever. The Georgians should kick him out. There are millions of Georgians making a living in Russia. He should have thought of them and the finance sthey are sending to their families back home.
Only an idiot will try to pick up a fight with a neighbour as large as Russia.
If he thought the Americans would send in their airborne division and the sixth fleet in support, he was a real fool.
Neither Europe nor US will go to fight over Georgia which has nothing to offer either by way of strategic importance, it is just a backward country with hills and a peaceful people who want to go about their daily lives rather than follow this fool into an uncertain future.
In any case the whole affair will be forgotten and Europeans will be dealing with the Russian as usual.
As for Saakashvilli's burning desire to take his impverished country into the EU one wonders if anybody(except the new East European members) wants to welcome him.
As for the Georgians themselves, tehy are as much European as the Turks.

Anonymous said...

to ANONIMOUS above me:

I'm am Georgian and I will reply to as a Georgian, on behalf on many others who think like me:

I am Georgian, I am from Caucasus, I am not European, and I am not Asian.

I don't care about being EU citizen or about being NATO MS citizen.

I want to live in peaceful country called Georgia with normal relations with other countries of the World, without any interventions from Russian, US, EU or Asian side, for me it's almost the same.

I definitely know that this war was started by Russian side, by provocation maybe by mistake of Saakashvili, not a long time is needed to reveal most important things and to judge the one who made the first mistake in Georgia and led the country into such a trouble.

But on the other hand the other reality is that whoever the president of georgia is, georgians will never give up of struggling with even such a huge and powerful neighbour as Russia.

You may not know our history, but we know and this was permanent reality of my country - to fight against big invadors, to lose, to resist, to survive.

And last comment to the first sentence you wrote:

I am not and we are NOT supporters of Saakashvili, We are SUPPORTERS of GEORGIA and in this regards we will support our President in any case in International field.

We will shout until the other big countries make something against the brutality towards my country.

And we will JUDGE (if we consider it to be necessary) everyone who deserved it!

Anonymous said...

Dear Georgian,
I'm Russian, and like you, I don't care if you are european, asian, or whatever. I respect Georgians as before. The only question I have for you: how do you mix your wish "...I want to live in peaceful country called Georgia..." with killing 10-s or 100-s people?? Nobody denies now that Georgia started the war. Could you explain you image of "being peaceful"? How many people the peaceful person can kill still remaining peaceful?

Katiée.Ge said...

Dear anonymous before me (Sept.14, 7:55)

I will reply to you with a caunter-question:

Can you provide any evidence how many people (osetians) diesd before Russias reaction to Georgian "aggression" ???

I tried to find such evidence on Russian web-sites but even they did not provide any.

Why did Russia (and Osetians as well) let Georgian police and troops go inside Osetia-controlled territories and even in Tskinvali and only then Russian troops started to REACT???

Do you think that Russians needed the whole day for making a decision and sending soldiers for this reaction?
I don't think so...

Consequently here are the logical conclusions and answers to your questions:

Who started the war? - Russia - by provocation planned long time before...

p.s. Thank you for liking Georgians. Though I hope this sympathy is different from what Putin usually expressed towards Georgia in words and did another in reality...

Anonymous said...

I am that anonymous (actually, I wrote my name).
First of all, before asking counter question, it would be nice to answer my question.
No, I can not provide such an evidence, and I do not think you can provide them. The truth is, nobody (even you) denies now that Georgian troops started this. How this makes Russia "agressor", can you explain me?? I really do not understand this: everybody agrees Georgia started the war, but Russia is agressor! Am I missing something?
About "reaction". Do you think a day to react is too long? Do you really think it is so easy decision? And another issue: Russia responded after a lot of people were killed, and now you blaim Russia for the respond. But what if Russia responded immediately? Oh, what a loud cry it would be "Russia hits innocent soldiers which did not even kill enough people!"
Don't you think this is very strange logic of yours: in the post, you are writing how much time it took TO RESPOND for Russia, and unexpected conclusion about Russia's agression? Agressor does not respond, agressor strikes first, that makes him an agressor!
About my (or Putin's) "sympathy". It is not sympathy, it is usual respectful relation to all people, including Georgians or everybody. I believe, Putin has the same fillings. But it does not mean that very people we respect can kill other people. Don't you agree?

Anonymous said...

And about your sign "Stop Russia". In my opinion, it would be more appropriate to put here "Stop the USA". USA is the only country which benefited from all this. Now, the list


became a little longer (Georgia).
Though, soon it will be even longer (I mean Iran and Pakistan).
I do not say "Stop Georgia", since Saakashvili is not worth to be considered as a real danger without USA support.

Anonymous said...


About victims (in English):

Also, check some news from US Congress: sometimes it is beneficial even for politicians to tell the truth. They admit that Georgia started this.

Katiée.Ge said...

Of course you can't provide any evidence because they do not exist.

I agree (according to the information I have though being far away from Georgia at present), that Georgian troops stepped first into Tskhinvali and Russians reacted afterwards.

The war did not start when Georgians stepped in, but only after Russian troops started to fight against Georgians, because there were NO active counter-attacks before August 8, one day after Georgian stepping in Tskhinvali...

To my personal mind that was a long planned PROVOCATION, which was concluded by killing Georgian policeman in Tskhinvali (about 10 people to my info) and this for sure FED UP Georgian government.
After that Russians let Georgian troops to enter Tskhinvali and then claiming that there was aggression committed against poor Osetians, Russian government started not only to REACT against Georgian troops in Tskhinvali but also to BOMB the WHOLE COUNTRY!!!

And if you can justify that, then, sorry, I will not continue to argue with you any more.

That's why RUSSIA is an AGGRESSOR and not Georgia.
Shall I put the picture of killed soldiers in the forests after the bombings? I don't want to do so, these pictures are such terrible, I really care about the people (especially their relatives) who may see that.

That's what Russia did.
And you can't show any evidence which will prove that Georgians did THE SAME and did it FIRST !!!

And the last thing, while speaking about US and its invasions.
You are not the only one who considers these facts unjustified, but don't you think that if someone else does the same, than you can try to do something against this "unfairness" and not "the same".. This will never be JUSTIFICATION for me or anybody else...

Anonymous said...

Katiee, you are right about that there is not any sense in arguing. You are not listening any arguments, and you are not answering any questions (not only mine). It is you who justifies the murder of people. It is understandable then that Saakashvili is right company for you. Well, good luck with that, and sorry for Georgian people who has president like that...

Anonymous said...

And about your pictures: it reminds me the CNN movie where Georgian's "GRAD" was firing at Tskhinvali, and explanation "Russians started fire". No comments... Lie, lie, lie...