I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. Winston Churchill

Sep 13, 2008

RuSSian children about RuSSia-Georgia war and Ukraine...

This is a very good parody on Russian propaganda machine.
The guys cannot convince anybody... But actually, it's a habit... coming from USSR. Dear Medved and Vovan - have you ever heard: O tempora, O mores?
The world has changed - hello???


Yo Inner Planets said...

Oh man, how long more will the name of Russians continue to be associated with the current government of Russia. I am Russian, but do i have to be stopped? And if these children are really drawing these things, they are not the enemy. Do they need to be stopped. Call things their names. Not stop Russia, but stop Putin. I hate how the name of my nation is being walked all over. And i am really tired of it. And all because some 2 political camps are fighting for their spheres of influence. I hope you all thinking readers of this forum realize that Russians are just like you or any other people. I dont want all this, neither does my friend Givi from Georgia.
Think about it.

Katiee said...

Dear Yo,

unfortunately we strongly believed, for a long long time that Russians were different from their government, but this difference has never reflected in reality.

This time we have to stop thinking about two Russias - Putin's Russia vs. Kind, Friendly Russia, because the latter, even if it exist, does not change anything for us, for Georgians...

You, the Russians are the only eligible people who can act against your own cruel governments, who lets the whole world HATE your nation along with its government.

Do you all, 150 mlns of Russians want to be hated? Not because of poor Georgia, but because of your Government and the fear of others with Russia? Do you think that the fear really makes love?

You have to act, you have to change your government, you have to speak up against Putin and this way you'll save not only Georgians, Osetians, Chechnians or anyone else, but YOUR own PRIDE, your DIGNITY and maybe even YOUR COUNTRY's FUTURE... Because, you see, if it continues like that, the next war will be unavoidable and Russia will definitely a target or at least of part of that war... War never makes any good for anyone...