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Aug 10, 2008

Another Attack to Kodori (Upper Abkhazia)

Some minutes ago Russian and so called Abkhazian forces started attacks to Kodori (Upper Abkhazia, which is currently under Georgian jurisdiction. (a map)
Permanent attacks from the air had been started some hours before, currently the battles moved to the land.


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Anonymous said...

Hallo! Guys…. South Osetia is NOT a part of Georgia! Osetians are not Georgians. Georgians HATE Osetians and call them separatists. But the world’s society took it for granted when South Osetia became independent (is’t it the right of people under Georgian pressure?).
Osetians ASKED Russians to protect their independence. Russia DIDN’T bomb Georgia because there are a lot of Russian people in this country. Sure Russians will pull some money from the conflict… they are not saints…

But Georgian president wants more power n’ more money. He doesn’t care about the people. It is GEORGIAN PRESIDENT who HAS STARTED THE WAR against Osetians and Russia. He was sure that the world’s society will be on his side. And he’s got it! Georgian president does everything to convince U.S.A. and Europe that Georgia is the victim. SAAKHASHVILI CREATED A THEATRE OF PAIN AND PRETENDS TO BE A VICTIM HOPING THAT U.S.A. AND EUROPE WILL PUT TONNS OF MONEY TO SUPPORT HIM. GEORGIAN PRESIDENT IS GONNA SUCK MONEY FROM US. And the new government of Ukrain will help him. He knows that everybody are ready to accuse Russia ‘cos it’s bigger.

Tell me, please, why should a president talk to HIS people in English when common civilians of his country don’t know this language at all? Georgia gave a cheep fake show of it’s towns in ruins. What a Theatre!!! Saakhashvili is such a liar! He says he stopped the shooting but he doesn’t!!! More than 2.000 osetians has died… And Georgians? Less then 50 soldiers! (not thousands!). Georgians didn’t stop the fire even to let the refugees go in safe place! TODAY A GEORGIAN TANK HAS SMASHED A WOMAN WITH 2 CHILDREN IN SOUTH OSETIA…. Fortunately Russia gives a shelter for the refugees….