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Aug 20, 2008

Divide et Impera - Russia's New Old Policy in Georgia

Russia begins to re-activate old policy in Georgia and to divide people into parts with different treatment to them.

Samegrelo is a large part of West Georgia, with it's own dialectal language, and it borders Abkhazia.

Archil Rogava, inhabitant of Zugdidi (Samegrelo) told the journalists, that on the first day, when Russian troops entered Zugdidi, he, together with some other young people, was promised by Russians that they would do nothing bad to them.
After asking for a reason for such a differential treatment, Russians answered that Megrelians will be treated like that, unlike "Georgians".

This is a part of old Russian policy, which was unfortunately successfully fulfilled before and during Abkhazian conflict in '90s.

Luckily, this time the population is much more united and noone pays attention to such provocations. Today, every Russian Soldier is an enemy for every Georgian citizen, notwithstanding the part of Georgia , where they live... - says Archil Rogava.

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