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Aug 14, 2008

Russian Soldiers in Georgian MIlitary Base in Gori

Russian Soldiers in Georgian Military base, they are talking how good conditions Georgian soldiers were living in and this is not like Military base in Russia..
Video was filmed by cell phone of one of the Russian soldier.


TSWorld said...

These Russian soldiers are criminals!!! They should be brought to justice. If they were bold enough to tape this and post it, they should be "men" enough to state their names on the video. They are low low low people. They have no life. They look like they will kill their own mother for a pair of shoes.
Georgian soldiers DO have better shoes only because Georgian people and Georgian gov cares about their soldiers, And Russian gov is only supplying their soldiers with alcohol. Think twice Russian soldiers how you live and how those that lead you commit crimes live. You should be confronting them and not Georgians.

Anonymous said...

why do you say russian soldiers are criminals? You have no right to judge the Russians soldiers as of that, saying that they look as if they would kill their mothers.