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Aug 26, 2008

Letter of a Georgian Citizen to Russian Citizens

Today your motherland has stolen a large part of mine - declaring the "independence" of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. My congratulations to you on the successful enlargement of your "tiny" country once more and again in the way of its great historical tradition. Most of all I thank you for having remained so nobly silent. For my part I wish to inform you that my house, which you apparently considered as a shashlichnaia, will remain at your disposal. I do not particularly want to amend the great tradition of Russian-Georgian friendship, hoping that this friendship will allow me and my family to keep our small shashlichnaia-home, and that the Duma will not use the excuse of "independence" to annex it (in fact, my hundred per cent French wife speaks Russian as good or even better than the Ossetians, she can be offered a Russian passport and then see her interests defended even in the 18th Paris Montmartre arrondissement) and to install a new Museum of the Friendship among Peoples (Drujba Narodov).

Still your Paata KOURDADZE

A tous mes amis russes !

Aujourd'hui votre mère Patrie m'a volé une grande partie de la mienne - déclarant l'"indépendance" de l'Abkhazie et de l'Ossétie du Sud, je vous félicite donc d'avoir ainsi pu faire agrandir votre "minuscule" pays encore une fois et toujours à la manière de sa grande tradition historique. Et plus que tout je vous remercie de votre noble silence. Je vous informe pour ma part que ma maison, qui n'était apparemment pour vous qu'une shashlichnaia*, va rester à votre disposition. Je ne veux surtout pas modifier la grande tradition d'amitié russo-géorgienne, tout en espérant que cette amitié me permettra à moi et à ma famille de conserver notre petit appart-shashlichnaia, et que la Duma ne nous annexera pas sous couvert d'indépendance (c'est vrai ça, ma femme pourtant française de souche, à 100% même, parle russe aussi bien voire mieux que les Ossètes, on peut lui offrir un passeport russe puis vouloir venir défendre ses intérêts jusque dans notre 18e, (Paris Montmartre) et n'y installera pas un nouveau Musée de l'amitié entre les peuples (Drujba Narodov) 

Toujours votre Paata KOURDADZE 

*shashlichnaia = Bistrot de Grillades


Anonymous said...

I am Russian and I feel upset that our two nations have to kill each other thanks to the wrong politics.
I understand yoru feelings about the territory losses, in the same way I regeret crossing Ukraine boundaries (the motherland of parents) However I realize that it is inevitable process of border changes.
WE did not steal YOUR piece of land because we have not annexed them, however we supported the other nation ion their rights lo live on the lands where they live without fear of being eliminated for the rejection to become Georgian, losing their national identity.
Those people appealed to your government: "Please, provide us with a right to live under our rules and our traditions, with our names and our langauge", but your nationalists continued the mantra of Great Georgia and the other sober voices were not heard.
I regret that your crazy President imagined himself Julious Caesar and our people have to pay for it with their tears and blood.
I believe there is a hope to unite with Ossetians but I guess only whith
newly born generations and by means of peaceful longterm efforts.

Katiee... said...

Do you really believe in what you said now??? Who told you that Georgians or our "crazy president" dreams about Caesar's Great Georgian Empire and demands from Osetians to change their names, nationality etc.

Maybe Russian TVs say so? Or not maybe, definitely!

Do you listen to Jirinovsky today?
Do not you notice that unfortunately Jirinovsky is always craze speaker of Russian Government's real intentions???

We only want to live independently, with no intervention, will it be from Russia, Europe or US.

We are Georgians, not Russians.

And PLEASE NOTE that Georgian means aaaaaaaallll nationalities, living in Georgia, holding citizepnship of Georgia or having permanent rezidence.