I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. Winston Churchill

Aug 12, 2008

Videos from August 9, Gori, Qareli, Marneuli, Tbilisi


Anonymous said...

Oh, please, Katiee, don't make me laugh.:))) Plenty of photos and videos demonstrating consequences of bombing Tskhinvali and neigbouring villages by Georgian troops.

You're sure not to publish this post. :)


Katiee... said...

Oooo pleease, don't play victim role.

I have published all the post except for those, which you posted 9 times like a spam, the same text everywhere like a robot.

I 'm waiting for the pictures and videos you claim, I would see evidence of your words, but these are only words, I see during the last 5 days.

Russia has much larger informational market , possibilities and facilities, and still they can't prove what they us in...

If you take this responsibility on yourself, ok, you can put all the pics and videos you have.

Shall I teach you how it can be done?


"Good Luck"

Anonymous said...

Bullshit, I didn't spam!

Can give you a link on videos and photos, would you place it onto the main page?


Unfortunately, Georgian people cannot watch it as your democratic government stopped access to the Russian sites.


P.S. No plays - just facts, Katiee. :)

Katiee... said...

Good, I checked all videos.
If your evidence is only those stupid videos, then I am really happy.

Only the interviews with the inhabitants is not proof, because they do not know who was shooting from 100 or more meters.

And the fact that Saakashvili runs from possible bomb and you're surprised. Com'on. Let any Georgian even for fun push a fake bomb from above to the place where your Medvejonok or LiliPutin stands, and I will see how brave the will be...

But maybe the'll not be afraid at all.
I agree, it is much more difficult to notice Mr. Medvejonok (if we do not consider his disproportional size of head in comparison with his body) or Mr. LiliPutin from above the sky, then to notice Mikhail Saakashvili.
Yes, we have to be afraid for him, you may not at all:)))

Anonymous said...

Просмотрела, ну так размести на главной.

Жаль, скатилась до оскорблений, больше, видимо, сказать нечего. Скоро Катя запостит, что это мы ночью бомбили Цхинвал. Что ж тебе еще, кроме рассказов очевидцев, нужно?

Блин, всегда нравились грузины - широкой души люди. С удовольствием вспоминаю одых в Батуми. Жаль, что америкосы нас по разные стороны баррикад развели.


Katiee... said...

Yes, it's a pity, indeed.
But it started much before Americans appeared in our neighbourhood.

You did that, Russians, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Well, actually, nothing to say, but goodbye. :)

Indeed, the problem is far from being solved: you'll fight for your sovereignty and we on our side will never accept American presence near our borders. Good luck and take care.