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Aug 30, 2008

Psychopath Occupies Georgia, Blames America


August 29, 2008
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Psychopath Occupies Georgia, Blames America

"I think it is important that the legislative branch of the country
comment on the latest Russian outrage, and Georgia has done it with the
Parliamentary resolution. I think it is all together appropriate," said
David J. Smith, Director, Georgian Security Analysis Center.

The Parliament of Georgia Thursday unanimously passed the resolution on
occupation of Georgia. According to the resolution, Russian armed forces,
including so called peacekeepers, dislocated on the territory of Georgia,
are announced to be occupying forces; South Ossetia and Abkhazia announced
occupied territories; all armed units on the territory of Georgia except
of Georgian units are declared illegal. The resolution directs the
executive government to abolish all legal acts implying dislocation of
Russian armed forces on the territory of Georgia, delegitimized by the
actions of Russia itself. Georgia remains true to the cease-fire
agreement of August 12. The resolution charges the executive government
to cut diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation, while consular
relations will stay unchanged. According to the last point of the
resolution, the Public Prosecutor’s office is charged to investigate the
facts of ethnic cleansing executed in Georgia by the Russian Federation.

Smith went on to say, "I would point out that what we have here are two
breakaway regions seeking assistance from a hostile foreign power and
inviting a hostile foreign power onto Georgian territory. I am not a
lawyer so I will not comment on the precise legal aspects of that, but
when you look at it, it is a very, very bad situation and it is a
situation that the rest of the world needs to take into account.
Georgia's relations with its own citizens is its own internal affair, but
the notion of a foreign country marching around a sovereign country is a
business of the entire world. Moreover, not only Abkhazia and South
Ossetia are occupied by the Russian army, but today the large portions of
Georgia remain occupied by Russians."

"As for Putin, the problem that occurs right now is that talking sense to
people in Moscow does not make sense," said Smith. "Putin's interview
yesterday evening on CNN—Prime Minister Putin is in charge of Russia—It's
just bizarre."

Thursday Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin accused the United States
of orchestrating the conflict. Putin said: “The suspicion arises that
someone in the US especially created this conflict with the aim of making
the situation more tense and creating a competitive advantage for one of
the candidates fighting for the post of US president."

David J. Smith continued: "What we have here is someone who has become a
television psychopath. The world will have to recognize that we are
dealing with a psychopath and international juvenile delinquent. Once
again I would say that it is a problem for Georgia, but it is a problem of
the rest of the world too."

Smith went on to say: "As for the United Nations so far being failing to
pass a resolution on Georgia, I thought Irakli Alasania made a very good
presentation at the UN yesterday. Of course you can use UN for public
diplomacy, spreading out the word, telling other countries what is going
on. But expecting any action from the UN is silly so long as the Soviet
Union maintains a veto on the UNSC."

The UN Security Council was incapable to pass a resolution over the
conflict in Georgia on Thursday afternoon after concluding its sixth
emergency session on the subject.