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Aug 12, 2008

SAAKASHVILI: This is classical case of ethnic cleansing.

President Saakashvili told a group of foreign journalists on August 12: “Within a well-prepared plan, several hundred pieces of the Russian [military] equipment, Russian airborne troops, commanded by the airborne troops of Russia landed there [in the Kodori Gorge] and expelled and certainly killed part of the population. Whole population from that place is gone. This is classical case of ethnic cleansing.”

Upper Kodori gorge was the only part of breakaway Abkhazia under Tbilisi’s control.

Authorities in breakaway Abkhazia said their forces were in full control of upper Kodori Gorge.

Officials in Tbilisi have confirmed it.

CNN aired brief footage showing an Abkhaz militia taking down the Georgia’s national flag from the administrative building in the gorge.


Anonymous said...

Actually, there's even more classical case of ethnic cleansing committed by Russia's Empire. It's a genocide of ethnic Russians, performed for many years. This war is just an episode of the tragic development. Read proposals of Russian Radical Nationalists to the Georgian government on http://vdesyatku.com/eng/

Lord Vader said...

VERY IMPORTANT: While Russia is trying to accuse Georgians in ethnic cleansing in South Ossetia, journalists who had visited Tskhinvali "say, that Heavy damage in Tskhinvali, mostly at gov't center, but there is little evidence civilians were specifically targeted by Georgian troops, as Russia claims."
"Washington Post" (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/08/12/AR2008081202480.html)

or read here: http://virtualcollector.blogspot.com/2008/08/heavy-damage-in-tskhinvali-mostly-at.html

Anonymous said...

A bullshit well-directed by the US government. Read this



Hope this helps you said...

Your SAAKASHVILI is simply too dumb! How can he expect Nato and the rest of the world to start a war against Russia???

Don't forget, Russia is a superpower with atomic weapons. And their Putin is extremely intelligent. So even if you disagree with them, even if you suffer, you have to try to find a peaceful solution because ultimately nobody will help you.

... Georgia vs. Russia = Total Victory for Russia

francis said...

I think Georgia should become another province of Russia. At least, when they go abroad & they say they are Russians, they will be respected. If they say they are Georgians, after the recent hilarious war, those who overhear them may roll with laughter on the floor

Thew Georgians have become the laughing stock of the wortld, especially when that clip showing Sakaasvilli running to hide when the Russian plane arrived. If they think the world sympathizes with them, just let them read the online forums & see how they are being made the most hilarious comedians of the week

Anonymous said...

Since the 1800's Russia has hardly won a war without another country bailing her out. Russia is only capable of fighting against very small countries. History has shown that she is an unstable, emotional, arrogant and insecure nation. Additionally, the Russian military is over rated. If she goes against any country of decent size, she will collapse. Russia should fear. The world will soon tire of her and she will be at war with the world.