I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. Winston Churchill

Aug 13, 2008

Letters received by email

It's not difficult to follow the Russians ambitions through their comments. They don't even hide their intentions. Aggressive, offensive, horrible comments that they make here shows their real face. What is sad here is that an ordinary Russian doesn't care about Ossetians - he don't even distinguishes one caucasian from another - the hatred is equal towards all the Caucasians and this is Russian divide-rule policy on Caucasus. If caucasus doesn't wake up, nobody will be left alive here, where is the homeland of most of the caucasians - especially for the Georgians and Chechens. You did not pay for Chechen genocide yet.
But the time has come. The empire of evil will disappear soon - cause it's stupid and self-destructive

The war in Georgia is symptomatic of the worst of the human condition. We are NOT a world community. We are individuals yearning for individual autonomy in a modern frenzy of collectivism. As we face crises like the current horror of Georgia falling under the oppressive aggression of Russian imperialism we must be careful to realize that we fall prey to similar conditions of the destruction of our individual rights and autonomy whenever we yield-up to others our personal fate. YES, the free world should and needs to respond to this aggression with definite sweeping retaliation. YES, such a response can only come from organized free societies capable of applying rationale strategic and justified military power. But NO, we can not appeal for this legitimate defense of liberty from the "world community" - it does not exist. What exists are millions of individuals throughout the world who share an intrinsic value of their own survival and opportunity to aspire. It is up to the individual throughout the world to come out of his or her stunted state of inactive disengagement and become the voice of reason and self-preservation. This can and should be done through active involvement in the democratic process where there are democracies that respond to the sovereign rights of the individual. This can and should be done (at the other extreme) in oppressive totalitarian societies where there are no sanctioned liberties, by the shear rising-up of each individual against those local oppressions. There can be no reprieve from oppression without the courage of the individual, regardless their circumstance. To defer justice to ANY centralized authority (democratic or tyrannical) is to pave the way for more suppression, oppression, and subjugation of the human spirit. The aggression and lack of appropriate response from the "free" world is surely evidence of this condition and an even more horrific reflection of our own apathy toward the sacred liberties of our birthright. All honor and glory be to the freedom fighters of Georgia and the rest of the world. Peace is not a given state that can be pulled from a tree under which we rest. It is the assertion of the individual will for its SELF against the domination of others amassed in the evil use of force.

PS My daughter turned me onto your site. She has just fled Georgia to Armenia. We are currently waiting for word about her possible return to the states.
Peter Calandruccio, Architect
Mayor - Creede, Colorado

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