I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. Winston Churchill

Aug 11, 2008

August 11th - Latest Summary

19:00 Zugdidi and Senaki are both occupied by Russian Troops

18:00 Russian air forces fired shells on Tkviavi, village in S. Ossetia conflict zone. They dropped two shells.

14:30 Senaki base is bombed by Russian aviation.

13:30 President Saakashvili signs a ceasefire agreement, prepared by the foreign ministers of France, Finland, and Georgia. The foreign ministers of France and Finland are taking the agreement to Moscow in order to persuade President Medvedev to sign it.

12:05 Russian aviation is bombing Georgian servicemen in Upper Abkhazia.

10:00 Village of Eredvi came under the fire of Russian artillery.

07:15 Senaki airport is bombed by Russian airplanes.

06:10 Gori tank battalion is bombed. A civilian apartment building nearby has been hit.

05:00 Shiraki airfield in Dedoplistskaro District on the east of the country is bombed by Russian jets.

04:37 Civilian radar station in the village of Leninisi in 5 kilometers from downtown Tbilisi.

03:05 Villages of Sharabidzeebi, Kapandichi, Makho near Batumi are bombed by Russian planes. Graveyard and villagers’ backyard have been hit. No casualties reported.

00:30 Civilian radar station in the village of Shavshvebi west of Gori is bombed by Russian planes.

00:00 Five wounded policemen transported to Zugdidi hospital from Upper Abkhazia.

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